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La Tortilla Factory

La Tortilla Factory was founded by José and Mary Tamayo and their five sons as the first taqueria and commercial tortilleria in Sonoma County, California in 1977. They have grown into a successful company creating a healthy, delicious line of tortillas. They were the first to market with a complete line of both organic and non-GMO project certified tortillas. They are in the third generation of family employees and are proudly continuing the family business legacy.

“Evolve Partner Group has helped us grow our family business over the last seven years in many roles. They have assisted with strategy, manager training, governance, and compensation. Probably the most important role has been in helping with the dynamics of family and business intersection. Evolve has facilitated the difficult discussions that occur when important family decisions are made that impact everyone from a career and personal perspective. One of the ways they assisted was moving from Willie (my brother) and I having informal owner meetings to a highly functional Board of Directors with outside/independent members. This took us several years to perfect, but it has been worth the effort with the structure and value that the Board has brought to our growing business. It is reassuring to always have a group of consultants who provide an objective perspective to our changing family business.”

— Carlos Tamayo, Chairman of the Board & Past CEO

Coca Cola Bottling Company of Yakima & Tri-Cities

This successful Coca Cola franchise in eastern Washington state is proactively addressing growth, talent management and operating efficiencies. Using facilitated strategic planning to tackle these opportunities and to promote enterprise-wide buy-in, the business is on track to achieve its objectives.

“Following careful preparation, broad team involvement and focused follow-up by Evolve Partner Group, we are all pulling in the same direction. Every team member understands our business priorities, knows their role in implementing our plan, and has accepted accountability for results. We are excited to move forward and appreciate the huge role Cathy played in the process. We cannot thank you enough."

— Bill Dolsen, Owner Coca-Cola Bottling Co of Yakima &Tri Cites

Orchard View Farms

Orchard View Farms is a dynamic family-owned business that has successfully transitioned leadership to the fourth generation. During the multi-year transition, the company strengthened its board and management team, developed and implemented a strategic plan, and laid a solid foundation for future growth.

"OVF has partnered with the Evolve team since 2009 to document and implement our strategic plan, support our leadership transitions, develop and strengthen our management team, update our compensation program, address family ownership matters, and clarify roles. Cathy's advice and counsel have contributed to the business success we enjoy today!"

— Brenda Thomas, President

Petersen Hastings Investment Management

Petersen Hastings is a successful independent financial advisory team of experienced, credentialed and multigenerational professionals who take their fiduciary role seriously in the service of clients.

"Petersen Hastings partnered with Evolve Partner Group this year to evaluate numerous business and organizational opportunities. As part of a strategic planning initiative, we were able to confirm our strategic priorities for the next decade and then build a practical implementation plan. The result has been clarity and accountability for everyone on our team, and a proven approach for making better business decisions in the firm."

— Jeff Petersen, President

Tom's Truck Center

This multi-franchise dealer of medium-duty trucks and passenger cars is a second generation family-owned business in Santa Ana, CA. With a focused strategy and broad-based support for accountable execution, the Tom’s Truck Center organizations have grown to dominate regional and national markets for truck sales, service and parts. With this growth and diversification came special challenges and unique opportunities for the business and its team.

"For over a decade, Cathy and her team have contributed to the development and implementation of our global “Many Companies, One Vision” strategic plan and the department-level planning that aligns our many business units. She has helped us understand and leverage our competitive advantages, including the impressive strengths of our diverse employees. By deploying assessments and targeted strengthening we successfully achieve employee engagement at all levels. Perhaps the most impactful value-add over the years has been Evolve’s support for leadership development and an orderly transition from first generation to second generation. Today we are thriving and growing in large part due to our “successful” succession plan."

— K.C. Heidler, President & CEO

California Family Foods

California Family Foods was established in 1995 by two longtime rice farming families in Colusa County, California. They are a full service rice dryer/storage, seed, mill, and packaging facility. They have strong client relationships with domestic and international product placement. They work to produce an outstanding, safe product from field to bag.

“Before our work with Evolve Partner Group we were so busy milling, packaging and selling rice that we didn’t have time to step back and develop the business. Evolve helped us with our first strategic plan, including a clear vision and mission with goals, that we now track on a monthly basis. They also helped us evaluate our employee morale and engagement levels. From employee surveys and focus groups we knew to focus on our communication, compensation, and manager leadership training. Their advice and professional counsel has improved all three levels of the business: our governance, executive team, and managers. Evolve has helped CFF become a stronger company and we’re confident it will continue to add value in the future!”

— David Myers, President & CEO

Plan Sponsor Advisors

Plan Sponsor Advisors (PSA) is an independent, registered investment advisor and retirement plan consulting firm with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. With over 100 years of investment and retirement plan experience, PSA delivers a wealth of knowledge and tools to assist plan sponsors in fulfilling their obligations.

"Our firm partnered with Evolve Partner Group to tackle a range of practice management opportunities. From reconfirming our firm's strategic direction to updating our compensation and path to partnership programs; from enhancing our recruiting and retention processes to rethinking our roles as principals, we are strongly positioned for growth and continued success."

— Don Stone and Jennifer Flodin, Co-Founders

Klein Honda

Klein Honda a dynamic dealership in western Washington preparing for future leadership needs by coaching and developing its young talent.

"Evolve is providing customized coaching to develop leadership competencies and management skills in my son and daughter. I'm pleased to see how each of my children has matured and flourished as a result of targeted support and guidance."

—Steve Klein, President

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